Sustainability isn’t a test that we can pass once and then forget. That’s why, when we made the commitment to be a sustainable company, we also committed to exploring green options and seeking out new ways to reduce our footprint as a company.

RR Donnelley supports that goal with nationwide changes that help reduce overall power consumption, reduce the emission of VOCs, leverage our recycling program, and support responsible forestry.

Our Commitment
  • First 5 Star EnviroStars commercial printer in the Greater Seattle area.
  • FSC® certified. The FSC® certified label provides a credible link between responsible production and consumption of forest products. Click here to learn more.
  • We invested in an Indigo 5500 from HP, a leading company in terms of environmental responsibility. Check here for more information about HP’s environmental commitment.
  • All of our digital house stocks contain at least 10% recycled content.
  • We have a distiller installed on our Heidelberg 6 color, 40 inch press that distills the waste coming off the press and enables us to reuse over 70% of the solvents used in the printing process.
  • We use Soy based inks to help us reduce the amount of chemistry needed to clean our presses. They’re also easier to recycle, they degrade more quickly in landfills, and they have lower quantities of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than traditional petroleum based inks. Click here to learn more.