Digital Printing

Digital Press

Our digital print services provide you with the flexibility of shorter runs, the impact of robust variable data, and near-offset quality with a quicker turnaround. Some of the benefits of digital print include:

  • Specialty Substrates
  • White Ink Printing
  • Personalization and Versioning
  • Quicker Turnaround

Digital printing has garnered this weird reputation for being the just-slightly-better-than-your-office-copier cousin to real print. Since we like challenges, we’ve decided to set the bar higher than that. We don’t do the “quick-print” thing but digital print at PCG isn’t about making copies, anyway. Instead…

We print wicked designs on crazy substrates.

Metallics, pearlized, transparencies, window clings, stickers, dark colored stocks… Printing with HP’s white ink for the Indigo makes crazy designs easier to realize with shorter runs and less cost.

We take data and turn it into something useful.

Variable data printing on our digital presses allows you to tap your company’s marketing and internal data in functionally robust print pieces. Drive your direct marketing with data that helps you target who’s loyal, who’s not, who plans to renew, and who needs a nudge in the right direction. Cut down on your print costs by printing only the pages that each person needs to see in that 95 page book. Or leverage your data to version your marketing so that it targets different segments with more relevant artwork.

We give you the power of choice.

Not sure how many brochures you’re really going to need? Tired of throwing all those books in the trash when you need to print a revision the following year? Print on Demand (PoD) programs allow you to print what you need, when you need it. With digital print we can produce near-offset quality in significantly shorter runs, allowing you to print the quantities you need to match your product’s regular life cycle from the time it takes its first steps to the time you’re espousing what a long and prosperous life it had.