Commercial Offset

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If you’re looking for a quality local printer who offers personal service, you’ve found it. Our skilled operators ensure consistency and quality in your printed pieces through the use of continuously updating technology and process controls.

  • G7 Certified
  • 15+ Years of Stochastic Printing Experience
  • Hexachrome Printing
  • Specialty Inks and Coatings
  • In-Line Die-Cutting, Scoring and Perforating
The Benefits of Stochastic Printing

Stochastic printing, also called frequency modulation (FM), staccato, or diamond screening, uses small (10, 20 or 25 Micron), equal size dots in a random pattern. To vary color and contrast in an image the density of the dot clusters change. Where the dots are dense, there is more color; where they are sparse, there is less color. With stochastic printing you get an image that is closer to continuous tone. Some of the benefits of stochastic printing over conventional printing methods are that the images are sharper, tones and colors are consistent, there are no screen angle moirés, and there is a wider reproducible color gamut. The smaller dot also reduces the impact of variability and imperfections in inks and papers used on press.

Specialty Inks + Coatings

We’ve gotten our hands dirty – literally – with all kinds of engineered inks and coatings. We love working with new ideas so if you have something cutting edge that you want to try, then ask us! We might draw the line at hyper-acidic alien plasmoid-based scratch-n-sniff fluorescents. Mostly because they sound like a health hazard.

We work with these inks regularly:

  • Fluorescent Inks
  • Metallic Inks
  • Metal FX
  • Scented Inks
  • Soft Touch Aqueous
  • Satin Aqueous
  • Dull Aqueous
  • Gloss Aquous